Dojo News

Dojo News for December

December 1, 2014
Here we are in December already and with our seminar with JD Sandoval Sensei approaching fast.  This coming weekend to be precise!  We are hoping for a good turnout.  Food for the party is being catered by Curry and More, an Indian restaurant in Carlsbad and we will be setting up the dojo for the party following the last class on Saturday.  Come ready to dance or entertain if you have an inclination or talent to do so.  We need everyone's participation to make this event a success so please watch for further details during this coming week.
  • We will be cleaning the dojo tomorrow (Monday) evening so please make every effort to come to class.
  • Saturday, December 13, 10:15 class.  Surprise guest instructor Florentino Guizar, Argentine tango dance instructor, has graciously agreed to conduct this class.  As most of you know, I have a passionate interest in this dance and together with my understanding of aikido, many interesting discussions have been generated.  This will not be a tango dance class but we will look at how we move our bodies in relation to dance.  We will explore ways to break old patterns of movement that do not serve us well, and find new pathways which will allow us to move more fluidly, and with a better connection to each other.  I do hope you can all attend. The class will be open to ALL students who attend any adult class.
  • The last class of this month, this year, will be on Saturday, December 20th.  The dojo will then be closed until  Saturday, January 3rd.

Dojo News for November

November 1, 2014
Jack Arnold would have been very pleased to see the large turnout at the memorial practice in his honor at Daiwa this past weekend.  Dennis Belt Shihan led a dynamic one and a half hour class and Melinda Arnold graciously prepared brunch for the 50 or so attendees back at her house following the training.
  • Please note that the dojo will be closed November 27 for Thanksgiving.
  • Our next event will be the seminar with JD Sandoval the weekend of December 6-7 to be hosted at our dojo.  The pot-luck party on Saturday night is morphing into our Christmas Party. This will involve advance planning and your cooperation. We are looking for someone from the dojo to organize the party. Please speak to Sensei if you are interested.
  • The dojo will also be closed for the Christmas holidays from Sunday, December 21 through Monday, January 5, 2015 when we will celebrate the first class of the New Year.

Dojo News for October

October 8, 2014
Here we are in October already.  September just slipped by.  The weather hasn't changed much. Special thanks for all of you who participated in the work/paint party at the dojo last Sunday.  A lot was accomplished although it is not yet finished, there is more to do.  Please stay tuned.
  • We are looking ahead to our SoCal Birankai Regional weapons' seminar to be held at Daiwa, with guest instructor George Lyons Shihan, October 11 and 12.  All of you who have been regularly attending weapons' classes are encouraged to attend.  If any of you wish to attend and are unsure please speak to me.  Please see the flyer attached and sign up at the dojo for carpooling arrangements.  Two of our members, Sara and Daniel, will be testing along with others from other dojos, for nidan (also for shodan and sandan).  This will be a great opportunity to support and observe a high level of examinations. Click here for more info.
  • Sunday November 2, Daiwa will hold a memorial keiko for Jack Arnold Sensei.  Dennis Belt Shihan will be conducting the class.
  • Please make a note that on December 6 and 7, North County Aikikai will be hosting a seminar with JD Sandoval Sensei.  Details to come.