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Dojo News for December

December 1, 2016
I hope you all enjoyed a warm and restful Thanksgiving.
So much has taken place since my last newsletter.  I had failed to mention previously that the afternoon of CPR training held at the dojo at the end of September was very informative and well taught. I hope it will become a regular event as we need to recertify or new interest is generated. Jobe Groot’s seminar in October was much enjoyed and appreciated. He focused particularly on principles of Aikido within techniques, extending and being aware of the fullness of the movement leading into a technique or throw. 
Our 25th Anniversary celebration was all that I wanted it to be.  A big thank you to ALL of you who contributed to its success with a special acknowledgement going to the following people: 
  • Noam Ziv, who graciously granted us the use of his home as a venue for our celebration. I greatly appreciate his generosity. 
  • Joanne Fogel, who brought the many parts together as one smooth whole. Included here are a few, but by no means all, of the many party coordinating tasks: emailing the NCA alumni, designing the flyer, hiring the sushi catering, ordering and picking up the cake, setting up Noam’s house, making the party favors and silver cranes, and cleaning up afterwards. Seeing to all of the details of a party of this magnitude took a tremendous amount of time and skill and there are not enough words to properly thank her.   
  • Julian Frost, who also assisted Joanne, made a superhuman effort to review 13,000 photographs (pulled together by Jan) to put together the video history of the dojo. It is now a central element of our archive.  
The decorations were wonderful (thank you Sherri Earle!), the sushi and its presentation exceptional.  The cake divine!  To say nothing of the entertainment that riveted everyone’s attention including the many children.  The calligraphy you gave me is not only a beautiful piece of art but Masa Katsu A Gatsu, the name of a god in Japanese mythology, also had profound meaning for O’Sensei and he used it often.  Hiromi Ito has translated it as follows:  
Masakatsu-Akatsu-Kachihayahi-ame-no-Oshihomimi  -  “a god who wins quickly, with justice”
Masa Katsu … I who has the justice will win
A Gatsu … I who is fighting against myself will win
Katsuhayahi … I win like a rising sun, so quickly
With gratitude,
- Sensei