Certified Instructors

Norm Wight
6th dan, Shidoin

Norm Wight started training in 1984 and was awarded shidoin in 2001. He received 6th dan in 2007. Norm has studied under T.K. Chiba Shihan his whole career.

Kevin Liu
3rd dan, Fukushidoin

Kevin has been training with Crane Sensei since 1997 in body arts, weapons, and Iai Battoho (since ‘98). He was awarded fukushidoin in January 2009. He originally joined to decrease stress and learn about connection—and has continued to learn about those issues ever since. He has also taught the children’s classes since 1998, which have included his daughters (now 19 and 20), and now his son (7). As an organizational psychologist, Kevin is exploring the application of concepts such as maai (martial distance), shoshin (beginner’s mind), and nagare (flow) to human interaction in groups and teams.

Mark Drake
3rd dan, Fukushidoin

 Mark started Aikido in 1993 with Lorraine DiAnne Shihan in Massachusetts and later that year moved to Portland, Oregon where he continued training at Multnomah Aikikai under the guidance of Aki Fleshler Sensei and then Frank Apodaca Sensei.  In 2001 he relocated to San Diego where he now studies both Aikido and Iaido with Coryl Crane Shihan. Mark was awarded fukushidoin in April 2009.

Tim Reynolds
4th dan, Fukushidoin
RC Miles
3rd dan, Fukushidoin